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Point Of Sale Screen Tips

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Topic: Point Of Sale Screen Tips
Posted By: peach
Subject: Point Of Sale Screen Tips
Date Posted: 25-Dec-2006 at 14:33
  1. F3 moves cursor to Customer Code Section > F3 Show list of customers > F4 Add Customer
  2. F4 when in top area of POS moves cursor to First Parts Line
  3. F11 toggles further details on/off when on parts line. View Pricing, Groupings, Min/Max, Previous Sales, Alternative Parts, Consignment stock.
  4. In Discount column X = Current Cost V = Average Cost. Therefore X15 means Cost + 15%  V20 means Average cost + 20% 
  5. In Discount column Using A, B, C, D, E, F Price levels and then numeral e.g. B15 means Price B less 15%
  6. If at Top of POS Screen type B5 into Price Level and click re-price, whole invoice is recalculated based on this.
  7. If changing Customer during Sale 1st change to new customer and click re-price.
  8. To delete a line Hold Shift and press Delete while on the line
  9. Search for a key word somewhere in description enter a dot then Key Word.    E.g.      .starter
  10. Search for Key word at start of description enter Plus sign and then word.         E.g.      +starter
  11. Search for alternative part type part number and then Plus sign                           E.g.      L30001+
  12. To enter text note go to next clear line and type text into the Description Column then press enter key
  13. Retrieve invoice for particular invoice Load Customer into screen and F6, highlight invoice and press enter
  14. Retrieve invoice by invoice number Press F6 at blank POS Screen and enter invoice number
  15. If Invoice crashes at F10 stage then Re Load customer at same workstation and press Recall Key. Parts will be retrieved from previous save.
  16. To start a credit note, load customer first and then click on Credit button at base of screen. Then start entering parts.
  17. To copy parts from One transaction to another right click on parts grid press send.
  18. In new transaction load customer or supplier and right click on parts grid. Now click receive button.  
  19. To create Customer order from POS Screen, enter required Qty in Ord and zero or delivered qty in Supp Column when updating Peach will prompt for confirmation, to produce customer order and if customer is not account will prompt for deposit. Do not enter a lesser Qty in Ord than Delivered.
  20. Payment type can be selected by typing the number referring to payment type.
  21. Salesperson can be selected by typing in Salesman initials or Code that refers to the Salesman
  22. After F10 Number of copies and printers can be changed

Date Posted: 22-May-2007 at 16:36

Grouping Products

Is there a way that we can have a group of products with only one value showing.
PART N      DESC                 RRP         TOTAL
Z9             OIL FILTER           9
123           OIL                     39
A360         AIR FILTER          12
                 GROUP PRICE     60           50
Found price adjusting is not rounding the value to nearest 5c.

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 24-May-2007 at 04:05
Re: Price rounding, how did you adjust the pricing ?
Re the Grouping of products......Have you looked at kits or you can set up a standard service in Workshop and bring this into POS. I think Kits would be better though.

Date Posted: 25-May-2007 at 15:21
I can see how kit products would work.
I am thinking of the group of products that are outside the kit range.
At the moment when I reprice a group of products it is not rounding to the 5c on each product.
I know that this is not a big thing but it is more if the customer is after a credit later it gets a bit messy.Tongue

Posted By: peach
Date Posted: 01-Jun-2007 at 05:51
When the customer wants a credit then either credit the Kit in its totality or if they are returning part of a kit then its at your descretion as far as the price is concerned

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